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Stained Coming To Steam

19. June, 2014 Comments

Stained, Our only PC Title got approved on steam for publishing. It was really a big moment for us to see the game finding its way through the green light crowd.

Now Stained will get a big updated in lots of areas, and will be available in coming few weeks on steam.

Phase II ... Continues

01. October, 2013 Comments

Last few months we were busy working on some mobile applications and some VOIP stuff. There are few intresteing technologies making their way in this already crowded computing space and VOIP is no exception.

Here is my take on some the new tech, that I promised to review in my earlier blog. Read more »

Buy Stained Here

18. July, 2013 Comments

Indie Royale Debut Bundle

08. July, 2013 Comments

Saturn V carrying Apollo 11 Debut Bundle 3

Stained is on indie royale debut bundle 3, along with some other exciting titles. We are also excited to announce that we will give steam keys to all those who purchase stained through this bundle.

Don't forget to vote us

Read more »

Phase II

11. January, 2013 Comments

Its been a long time since I have posted any blog on this site. You can guess we were busy working on stained. It was wonderful experience overall. We learned many things, and enjoyed every day as indie developer.

It is all done (By that I mean development viz) and we are now moving on to the next phase. For a moment I can't believe we are in 2013, another big year ahead of us.  Read more »

Blender Animation Split Script

29. June, 2011 Comments

I came across a very critical situation last week when artist around, were asking how can we split a big animation into small animations in blender? This is what happened they are having a character in blender with big animation over 3000 frames and now we need to split the animation into appropriate actions, so that they can export the model with those actions in game engine, action like walk,run etc without asking further questions, I offered a simple python script that solved the problem. Read more »

Cloud Computing

03. May, 2011 Comments

Cloud Computing is a gift to web programming. It was never so easy to manage online computer instances. Some of the major advantage of cloud computing environment are Consistent band-width, Easy load balancing, Server environment Monitoring, Security management, Scalable on-line data stores etc..

There are several ways we (game developers) can leverage cloud computing for game product architecture  Read more »

Global Illumination in realaxis engine

26. March, 2011 Comments

        "Light is the charm of life" 

Every Game Engine tries to create the graphics thats looks real to human eye , this photo realistic effect helps the player to improve his game experience. To create a image that looks real to human eye we have to investigate the factors to which the human visual system is adapted. Such factors are Read more »

AI in rxengine

10. February, 2011 Comments

Artificial intelligence is a important factor of single player game play and so AI in rxengine is designed with great care. We started with getting a fundamental set-up of AI in the rxengine by implementing a vision for the bots. Bots is a character which is controlled by a computer. Read more »

RealAxis Engine Development

11. January, 2011 Comments

Probably Every One who plays game is aware about the game engine equation.

Game Engine = Graphics Library + Physics Engine + Audio Library + Input Device Library;

When we started the Game Engine development we selected Ogre3d As a graphics library ;irrklang as a audio library and SDL as input decide library. It took us long time to figure out which physics library would suit best for our purpose. We started with well established physics library available on internet like .. Read more »