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Stained: The Game

Stained: The Game

Woven around a mysterious castle brimming with rooms to explore, monsters to kill and a mystery to solve. Visit www.stained-thegame.com for details more »

Stained: Gameplay

Stained: Gameplay

Stained has an amazing interactive system; sliding on the walls, breaking windows, breaking artifacts, all natural, without any complication. more »

Stained: The Castle

Stained: The Castle

A supernatural, giant, sprawling castle, in an unknown, uninhabited planet devoid of life for untold centuries. An evil lurking inside with a deeply rooted need to protect itself from any intruders. more »

RealAxis Software: Game Development Studio

RealAxis is an independent video game development studio developing 3D games for the PC platform.

RealAxis is working on a PC game title  "Stained" which is scheduled to launch in 2012, Stained is a side scrolling game set in a 3D world woven around a theme where the player has to destroy monsters formed from glass shards to progress through the game. To know more about Stained visit the game website - www.stained-thegame.com Read more »

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18. July, 2013 Comments

Indie Royale Debut Bundle

08. July, 2013 Comments

Saturn V carrying Apollo 11 Debut Bundle 3

Stained is on indie royale debut bundle 3, along with some other exciting titles. We are also excited to announce that we will give steam keys to all those who purchase stained through this bundle.

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